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30 Second Backhand Drill

Skill Set: Infield

Difficulty Level: Easy

Number of Athletes and Coaches: 1-2 athletes and 1 coach, or 2 athletes as partners

Average Time to Complete: 30 seconds

Equipment Required: Balls and gloves

Goal: Field the ball backhanded, bend at the knees and hips, and keep your eyes on the ball

Description of the Drill:

• Partners 15 feet apart facing each other in defense ready position, glove shoulder pointed slightly toward partner

• Throwing partner rolls a grounder to the backhand side of the receiving partner

• Receiving partner keeps their feet planted with toes pointed slightly out

• Receiving partner focuses on fielding the ball backhanded, keeping eyes on the ball, and bending at the knees and hips (keep back mostly flat)

• Receiving partner gets into throwing position after the ball is fielded, then rolls a backhanded grounder to their partner

• Partners throw backhanded grounders back and forth to each other until each partner has had 5 repetitions

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Add Difficulty:

• To add a degree of difficulty, coaches can throw pitches inside and outside

• To add a degree of difficulty, players can field without a glove, one handed or two handed


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From GameChanger and USA Baseball.

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