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All the Way Through 1st Base Drill

Skill Set: Base Running

Difficulty Level: Easy

Number of Athletes and Coaches: 1-5 athletes and 1 coach, or 6 athletes as a group

Average Time to Complete: 10 minutes

Equipment Required: Base, bat, cone

Goal: Run through 1st base, striking the front of the bag and breaking down at the cone

Description of the Drill:

• Player starts in the batter's box with a bat, other players in a line behind them against the fence of the backstop

• Coach/partner acting as pitcher, goes through a wind-up without a ball for every hitter

• Cone set up 10 feet behind 1st base

• The batter swings, drops the bat, and runs all the way through 1st base, striking the front of the bag with their foot

• The runner slows down after crossing the bag, breaking down at the cone using wide feet, short choppy steps, and looking towards the 1st base side fence to see if the ball was overthrown

• Once the runner comes to a stop, they jog back to home plate to get back in line

• Each player rotates through the line so that they each run all the way through 1st base five times

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From GameChanger and USA Baseball.

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