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Balanced Stationary Drill

Skill Set: Pitching

Difficulty Level: Medium

Number of Athletes and Coaches: 1-2 athletes and 1 coach, or 2 athletes as partners

Average Time to Complete: 1-2 minutes

Equipment Required: Balls and gloves

Goal: Maintaining balance and stability while throwing to the target without using your upper body

Description of the Drill:

• 1 partner on left/right field foul line, 1 partner 20 feet away in left/right field

• Players start with glove shoulder pointed towards partner in the same landing spot as when pitching off of a mound, throwing side foot is anchored behind as if it was on the rubber

• Players should be in athletic positions on the balls of their feet before throwing

• Receiving partner should have glove as a target in front of their chest

• Before throwing, players should come to a set position

Without rotating the upper body, players throw to the target focusing on the extension and getting core engaged in throw

The back foot should stay planted and balanced

Players throw back and forth to each other until they have each had 10 repetitions

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