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Daily Throwing Program

Skill Set: Pitching

Difficulty Level: Easy

Number of Athletes and Coaches: 1-2 athletes and 1 coach, or 2 athletes as partners

Average Time to Complete: 10 minutes

Equipment Required: Balls and gloves

Goal: Focus on properly warming up the arm and gradually building strength

Description of the Drill:

• 1 partner on left/right field foul line, 1 partner 30 feet away in left/right field, increasing distance as follows:

30 Feet: T-position: Turned with front (glove) shoulder facing partner. Rotate and throw, finishing over front side.

45 Feet: Rock & Fire: Turned with front (glove) shoulder facing partner. "Rock" weight onto back leg, and "fire" weight into the throw onto front leg.

• 60 Feet: Step & Throw: Start facing partner. Step into turn to get front (glove) shoulder to point to target, and throw.

• 90 Feet: Shuffle & Throw: Turned with front (glove) shoulder facing partner. Replace feet (or shuffle, or crow-hop) into throw.

120 Feet+: Long Toss: Face partner, move feet, replace feet into throw. Stay on top, keep the ball on a line when throwing it, allowing it to bounce to the partner instead of overthrowing trying to get it there in the air.


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Daily Throwing Program

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From GameChanger and USA Baseball.

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