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This Drill Makes Error-Free Fielders

drill-makes-error-free-fieldersNick Beckmann is a high school coach, All-Star fielding & hitting instructor, and former college player. Additional educational resources for players, coaches and parents are available at gamersacademy.net

Preseason Fielding Workout Week 5 From Nick Beckmann

If you wanted to boil error-free fielding down to one core principle, it would be this: field that ball between your legs! 90% of balls that a fielder fields will be in an area a few steps to the right or left. Focusing on this footwork will help your fielders' form in every one of those situations.

Both of these drills employ the same footwork, but the first incorporates a set of visual cues to help your fielders get it right. Then you can move on to playing balls to the fielders and simulating a game situation. If you’ve got the room, use a fungo, otherwise, if you’re in a gym sized space, you can roll the ball towards your fielders. When the ball is played to the fielder’s right, pay attention to his right foot: it should pivot, while the left foot attacks the ball, finally ending with the right leg outside of the ball in order to get centered. Follow the same instructions, but switch feet for the opposite side.

Groundball Dot Drill

Groundball Fungo Drill

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