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From a Recruiter: Passion Matters

Do you enjoy playing? Do you actually have fun? Do you bring the juice everyday? As someone who recruits college baseball players for a living, these are some of the key characteristics I'm looking for.

I don’t want to have to coach passion, energy, and enthusiasm. We want guys who show up to the field everyday and bring a passion for the game, positive energy to the team, and an enthusiasm that is contagious to everyone around him — the guy all the other players gravitate toward. We want the guy who is constantly talking and moving, picking his teammates up, putting his arm around them, encouraging them, correcting them, and holding them accountable.

We are looking for the guys who play with a lot of passion. Guys who you can tell truly care about what they are doing. They care about their teammates, they care about their responsibilities, they care about winning. It's all about passion.

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It is extremely hard to be successful at this game. So you better be passionate about what you are doing. If you aren’t passionate about playing the game and helping your team win, then you better find something else to do. We watch how prospective recruits compete, how they go about their business, does it seem important to them.

BRING THE JUICE! Bring positive energy to the team. Don’t be the negative guy. It's all about positive outlook, positive demeanor, positive actions. Again, this game is hard. We want guys who don’t let the failures consume them. We want guys who have fun. We are looking for guys who bring positive energy to the field and affect their teammates in a way that builds a culture of high energy. We look for the guys picking their teammates up, engaged in the game, and encouraging their teammates.

We want guys who play with a lot of enthusiasm. Celebrate the victories! You’ve worked hard to succeed and help your team, so celebrate. High five, yell, pump your fist. It’s fun; let everyone know you’re having fun. You’re enthusiastic about your team, your school, all the time and effort you have put in to help your team win.

Now, I’m not talking about that fake stuff you see all time. You know what I’m talking about: the guy covered in EvoShield, arm sleeves, eye black that looks like he’s been crying. The guy with the bow and arrow, bear claw, its-all-about-me dance when he hits a meaningless double after his previous at bat was a pop up in a big situation. We are looking for the guys who play with passion, energy and enthusiasm — both for their teammates for winning.

It's not about showing the other team up, or being funny, or “cool.” It's about passion.

If you want to play collegiate athletics, you have to be passionate about it. You have to BRING THE JUICE and bring positive energy everyday. You have to play with a lot of enthusiasm.

You have to really love what you are doing, otherwise, why are you doing it?

From GameChanger and Andrew Morgan. Morgan is an assistant baseball coach and recruiting coordinator at Murray State University. He has been coaching baseball at various levels since 2004. 

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