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GameChanger Software Lets Coaches Focus on the Game

SCRANTON, Pa. – Chris Healey has helped run the Pennsylvania Region 5 American Legion Baseball Tournament frequently in recent years.

Switching to GameChanger scoring software for all 15 games in the eight-team, double-elimination tournament helped make that process easier this summer.

Healey first heard about GameChanger from other teams visiting Connell Park, the host site for teams on many levels from American Legion down through Little League baseball.

“Everybody said, ’Oh stop using the book, this is so much easier to use,’” said Healey, the Connell Park Legion Baseball Vice President and Treasurer of the local league.       

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Healey decided to see if the software would be helpful for the Legion regional tournament where he and his son handle scorekeeping as part of their volunteer duties. They put the program to the test during a Little League tournament game at Connell Park in advance of the Legion event.       

“I tried it once while using the book at the same time and after three innings my son said, ‘Get rid of the book, we don’t need the book,’” Healey said.       

Healey was pleased with the simplicity of the program, pointing out that his 10-year-old son Luke easily follows the scoring processes with GameChanger.           

“The software is so simple to use,” he said. “It seems like it was designed by a baseball person for baseball people.

“Anything that can come up in a game is there.”           

Healey said he will use the software at future tournaments that Connell Park hosts and expects its use to spread to more teams that call the Scranton complex home.        

“I know our (Legion) team does not use GameChanger, but I believe we will be using it in the future,” Healey said. “It’s just a way to manage the games now, but I think we’ll start using it for our teams, too. It’s a good tool.”   

Teams can benefit from various ways the software tracks their season performance.     

For tournament use, Healey found other benefits beyond simplicity.          

The tournament committee had a large media contact list that it was able to use to distribute planning, score, and schedule information in the past.            

Reporting boxscores, however, was limited to the old-fashioned method of filling out a scorebook, adding everything up when the game ended and picking up the phone. Tournament personnel would call the largest interested local newspaper to read off statistics for boxscores, but the distribution ended there unless individual teams took on the responsibility of making separate calls to their own local media.      

Now, Healey could save time by not having to add up the boxscores.           

“I’m pressing the buttons and it’s doing everything,” Healey said. “All I have to do is enter the lineups, which I would have to do with our regular book anyway.”        

The boxscore information accumulates as the game goes along and is available instantly when the scorekeeper enters the last out of the game.   

Those boxscores are shared immediately with a large media distribution list through e-mail with either links or PDFs of the boxscores.           

“Now, we send out one e-mail,” Healey said. “We have a list of 80 media outlets, pretty much all over the state.”   

And, with GameChanger’s help, the boxscore quickly goes to all of them.

From GameChanger and Tom Robinson.

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