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Gerald Oda: Head Coach of the 2018 Little League World Series Champions



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Today on the show we have a special interview with the Head Coach of the 2018 Little League World Series Championship team, Gerald Oda.
Coach Oda was the head coach of the 2018 Honolulu Little League team.  He and I got a chance to talk about a lot of different things on this episode like, teaching players to accept different roles, the concept of we, greater than me, keeping his team focused, life lessons, and much more.

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About the Host

Joe Yevoli (@joeyevoliis an Entrepreneur and former Professional Lacrosse Player in the MLL.

Joe’s a graduate of the University of Virginia, and Syracuse University. He’s a two time All-American, 2002 ACC Rookie of the Year, and a member of the 2003 Virginia National Championship team.


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