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Glovework Drills for Fielders

Simply put, if you want to be an error-free fielder, you need to practice your glovework. The key is to perfect those simple motions we all take for granted...and then keep practicing them throughout your baseball career! One way to help focus solely on glovework is to get on your knees, eliminating a major distraction: the feet. Below, a few drills to help you stay sharp.

J.T. Putt played professional baseball in the United States, Australia, and Europe. He is a former NCBWA All-American, and general manager of Catalyst Sports. Scott Payne had only 16 total errors during his entire college career; he now coaches the Catalyst 18Us. For more great drills visit infieldfundamentals.com.

From GameChanger and J.T. Putt.

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