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Golden Glove Work

golden-glove-workNick Aboussie is a former college player, All-Star Performance Instructor, and member of the coaching staff of the St. Louis Gamers. Additional educational resources for players, coaches and parents are available at gamersacademy.net.

Outfielding Drill Series: Part 3

As you know, good fielding depends upon preventing errors. Dropped fly balls tend to become doubles—a run scoring opportunity that can easily be prevented. This series of drills is designed to make sure your outfielders are utilizing the best glove work techniques for catching, and reducing their error rates.

Line Drive

A coach or another player stands twenty to twenty five feet away, and throws line drive at the fielder’s chest chest. The key is to be sure that the fielder extends his glove directly in front of his face, while fully straightening his arm. The glove should be at a forty five degree angle, with the fingers turned away from the glove side hand. This provides the most surface area for catching the ball. A simple phrase to keep in mind when performing this drill: “Extend through the catch!”

Short Fly Ball/Sinking Line Drive

Keep the ball off the turf at all costs! Outfielders need to make sure they get their fingers underneath the baseball, which means when he reaches out with the gloved hand, he gets those fingers underneath the baseball, providing the most surface area for with which to catch. His arm should be fully extended; we refer to bent elbows as pterodactyl arms, which limits control and range of motion. Have the fielders chant, “Fingers underneath!”