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How to Win in Youth Baseball (Hint – the answer is NOT on the scoreboard!)

how_to_win_in_youth_baseballMark Gallion is a long-time youth baseball coach and co-founder of the St. Louis Gamers, a program that has placed over 150 players into college baseball. He literally wrote the free ebook on "How To Win In Youth Baseball."

The St. Louis Gamers strongly believe that the most important element of youth baseball is teaching kids "how" to succeed. The Gamers program is built around this mission -- teaching young men how to recognize and take responsibility for things they can control to be successful. The process of success on the baseball field pays direct dividends in success off the field and in 10 years when young men start making their way in life.

Baseball is a process, not an event. Although the game seems random at the instance of action, over the long term a series of input factors will control the result. So, the Formula for Winning is defining the process behind winning, focusing on inputs that are within the control of the player.

Over the past 10 years, we have collected and analyzed lots of data and statistics on youth baseball - literally thousands of games, primarily 12-18u. And the introduction of GameChanger four years ago makes the collection and analysis of data even easier.

To a lot of players, parents and coaches, winning or losing a baseball game seems like a random event, like playing roulette. Our mission has been to teach kids "how" to win - the process of winning, not winning as an event.

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Here is the simple recipe for how to win in youth baseball:

1. Win 3 innings. Teams that win 3 innings win 90% of their games.

2. Have 15 or more Quality At-Bats. Teams that achieve this win 80% of their games.

3. Limit Walks + Reached on Errors to 5 or less. Teams that achieve this win 80% of their games.

In a single game, if you accomplish 2 of the three above, you will win over 90% of the time. If you accomplish all 3 of the above, you will win 98% of the time. It is truly a recipe for success on the baseball field.

These three factors give kids simple concepts to focus on. All three are within their immediate control.

Winning a game is the result of winning individual battles - one inning at a time, one at-bat at a time, one pitch at a time. Each inning, each at bat, each pitch is a battle. Win the individual battles and you will with the game.

This is a breakthrough in teaching kids "how" to win a baseball game. And, this approach is directly related to success in life, which is a process that unfolds in a series of daily battles and does not just magically happen.

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