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Infield Hands Routine Drill

Skill Set: Infield

Difficulty Level: Easy

Number of Athletes and Coaches: 2 players as partners, or 1 player and 1 coach

Average Time to Complete: 10-15 minutes

Equipment Required: Baseballs and gloves

Goal: Focus on the act of fielding the ball by gradually adding in the lower body

Description of the Drill:

• Infield is at all positions except pitcher and catcher

Partners set up 10-20 feet apart and softly roll the ball underhand to each other as they work through the following progression, starting on their knees:

• Knees: Draw a triangle in the dirt; the infielder’s knees are at its base and focus is on fielding the ball at the triangle's point. Glove should be angled fingers down, with the palm facing the direction where the ball is coming from. The hands "give" with the ball, and are funneled in towards the belly-button/chest.

• Wide Base: Repeat the sequence, this time with the infielders on their feet, which are planted in an athletic position. The knees will move over the feet, as the rear gets closer to the ground in an ready position.

• Footwork: Repeat the Wide Base drill and add footwork. The right foot gets the infielder low to the ball, and the left foot steps through the ball. From there, the feet are replaced, right-left setting up to throw, with the front shoulder closed and pointing directly at the target. Right-left- field, right-left-throw.

• Infielders should field 10 grounders before progressing to the next step

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From GameChanger and USA Baseball.

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