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Keep your Swing on a Linear Path

This article was produced in collaboration with Power Drive Performance (PPD), creators of the Pitchers Power Drive and Hitters Power Drive, and their research and development division, Winning Pitchers Academy and Research Center (WPRC).

As professional instructors, our job is to aid in the continuous improvement of players at all age levels. Training today has advanced light years from where it was a decade ago. At Power Drive Performance and the Winning Pitchers Academy and Research Center, we use what we have come to refer to as multisensory learning (Seeing, Hearing, and Feeling) with all student athletes. Visually, this involves Advance Computer Analysis and 3D Swing Analysis. Aurally, we provide click feedback on timing and form (learn more about Power Drive products). Finally, feeling: kinetic learning is achieved by using our pitching and hitting products, which optimize the physical performance of those specific skills.

Coaching in the digital age is an incredible privilege, as it allows for regular computer analysis to measure training improvements. Split screen video comparisons clearly demonstrate an athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, helping you, the coach, decide on training drills and areas of improvement, as well as tracking gains. We the instructors take on the burden of how to transition this digital analysis to an analog training program.

This is where we come in. GameChanger, PPD and WPRC will be sharing important training processes gleaned from years of digital analysis via short video demonstrations of the multisensory learning discussed above.

Below is a Double Tee Hitting drill that practices proper linear-to-rotational swing form. This drill can be done with or without a Hitters Power Drive, but we recommend considering using the product to receive all of the auditory and kinetic learning feedback.

Good luck with your training!

—John Miller and the Power Drive Team

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