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No More Stolen Bases


Kevin Wheeler is a former college player, All-Star Performance Instructor, and sports radio personality. Additional educational resources for players, coaches and parents are available at gamersacademy.net.

Three Ball Drill

Catcher’s live for those moments when an overconfident baserunner naively takes off for second. To make sure you gun him down every time, you’ll want a smooth, fast transition from a high alert stance, to a throw, which all comes down to footwork. Watch the video for a detailed breakdown of how you can use this drill to eliminate over-striding, lag when coming across the plate, and upper/lower body timing issues for a more efficient throw.

High Five Drill

We do this drill to train a catcher's muscle memory—it’s great for building repetition, without overtaxing the throwing arm. The most important factor in determining if your catcher’s body movements are in sync is whether the head remains completely still throughout the motion, so keep a close eye on their head as the hips pivot, and the arm comes through to the release point.