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Nose Behind Ball Drill

Skill Set: Catching

Difficulty Level: Medium

Number of Athletes and Coaches: 1athlete and 1 coach, or 2 athletes as partners

Average Time to Complete: 5 minutes

Equipment Required: Catcher's gear, bucket of baseballs (at least 10)

Goal: Keep your nose behind the ball and track the ball all the way to the glove

Description of the Drill:

• Catcher in full gear in catching position (home plate optional)

• Coach/partner with bucket of baseballs 20 feet in front of the catcher

• Coach/partner throws the catcher the baseballs one at a time in varying locations

• Catcher catches each ball in front of their nose, moving down or up to get behind the pitch

• Catcher should shift their weight to be behind the ball

• Catcher places each tennis ball off to the side and gets ready to receive the next throw

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From GameChanger and USA Baseball.

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