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Pirate Drill

Skill Set: Infield- Team

Difficulty Level: Hard

Number of Athletes and Coaches: Full infield with 2 players at each position (no pitchers) and 2 coaches

Average Time to Complete: 20-25 minutes

Equipment Required: 2 fungo hitters (coaches), 2 buckets of baseballs, movable screen

Goal: Communication in the infield, awareness of everything else going on, and staying focused

Description of the Drill:

• Infield is at all positions except pitcher, 2 players at each position, catchers in full gear

• Coaches are set up on either side of home plate to hit ground balls to infield

• Coaches will hit across each other, so that the balls cross paths

Coach 1 Rotation (Make sure players stay ouf of the way of throws!)

• Coach 1 hits fungo to third baseman

• Third baseman turns a double play with the second baseman at second

• Second baseman throws to the first baseman at the screen

• First baseman at the screen throws ball back to catcher 1

Coach 2 Rotation (Make sure players stay ouf of the way of throws!)

• Coach 2 hits fungo groundball to shortstop (shortstop plays deep)

• Shortstop throws ball to first baseman at first base

• First baseman throws ball back to catcher 2

• Players rotate at their positions until each coach has gone through a bucket of baseballs

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From GameChanger and USA Baseball.

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