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Preseason Pitching Workout #2 from 17-year Pro Matt Whiteside

If you’re tuning in for the first time, check out Week 1 before getting started on these exercises.

The following drills utilize a piece of equipment called the pitching post. For more information on the pitching post, please visit gamersball.com/pitchingpost.

Upper Body Drill #3

This drill focuses on the timing of the stride and foot landing. Read these three important reasons for nailing this technique early in the preseason, and then watch the video for a detailed breakdown of the drill:

  • Pitchers need to get into the habit of having their throwing arm in the Power L (a 90 degree angle), which is the safest and strongest position for the arm when throwing a ball.
  • By keeping the elbow at shoulder height, there is less stress on the inside of the elbow and shoulder, which is crucial for preventing injury.
  • This is drill helps ensure that your pitchers keep their front side (glove side) closed, avoiding unnecessary stress to the inside of the shoulder and elbow.

If performed correctly the head will stay still as the pitcher steps, reaches, and rotates, keeping the head up, chest out, and accelerating through the pitch.

Upper Body Drill #4

This drill expands upon drill #3 by adding the arm swing motion to the timing of the stride and foot landing. The idea is to create maximum power by keeping the throwing arm at maximum length, and traveling in a straight line. The video highlights how to:

  • Train your pitchers to produce the most efficient path for the throwing arm.
  • Prevent the throwing arm from getting behind the back, which stresses the inside of the elbow and shoulder.
  • Synchronize the stride foot landing with the throwing arm being in the Power L position, creating a smooth, fluid throwing motion.

Have your pitchers integrate these steps into one continuous motion. Focus on the glove staying palm down, and the thumb of the throwing hand going down below the ball creating a half circle, with the arm coming up and back above the elbow when the front foot strikes the ground.

Matt whiteside is the owner of All-Star Performance Baseball Camps and Clinics, and directory, pitching instructor, and coach of the St. Louis Gamers. He previously played in the MLB for six years. Additional resources for players, coches, and parents are available at gamersacademy.net.

Week 3 can be found here.

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