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Rainbow Route Drill

Skill Set: Outfield

Difficulty Level: Medium

Number of Athletes and Coaches: 1-6 athletes and 1 coach, or 6 athletes as a group

Average Time to Complete: 10-15 minutes

Equipment Required: Gloves, bucket of baseballs, and 6 cones

Goal: Use a drop step to get behind the cone and keep your eyes on the ball at all times

Description of the Drill:

• Cones are set up in two rows of three, each 20 feet apart

• Players start in a line behind the coach with one player at the middle cone in front of the coach

• Coach points to a cone, player drop steps (steps back with one leg) to run to that cone keeping their eyes on the coach

• While the player is running towards the cone, the coach throws a fly-ball or line drive to that cone for the player to catch when they get there

• Player catches the ball and runs it back in to place it in the bucket, then gets in the back of the line

• Next player gets ready at the middle cone in front of the coach and the drill  repeats

• Players should rotate through the line so that they each get 10 repititions

New Call-to-action

Add Difficulty:

• To add a degree of diffuculty, the coach can vary which cone they point to for each player, so that players cannot expect ro run to a certain cone


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From GameChanger and USA Baseball.

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