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Read and React Drill

Skill Set: Outfield

Difficulty Level: Easy

Number of Athletes and Coaches: 1-2 athletes and 1 coach, or 2 athletes as partners

Average Time to Complete: 5 minutes

Equipment Required: Balls and gloves

Goal: Make a quick drop step to the correct side and cleanly field the pop up

Description of the Drill:

• 2 partners stand 10-15 feed apart in the outfield

• Both partners start with a ball, and one partner softly tosses the ball to the center of the other partner’s chest

• The receiving partner catches the ball with either hand, and whichever hand is used is the side that the throwing partner will open up to for a drop step

• The throwing partner takes a drop step and the receiving partner then throws a short distance pop-up that the throwing partner catches in the direction of their drop step

• The throwing partner should focus on making a quick drop step to the side the receiving partner caught the ball, and cleanly fielding the pop up

Add Difficulty:

• To add a degree of difficulty, repeat the sequence but with the short distance pop-up thrown to the opposite side that the player opened up, or drop stepped, to. This will help players practice recovering from a bad read and getting back to the correct side of the ball.

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Read And React


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From GameChanger and USA Baseball.


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