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Short Base Team Bunt Drill

Skill Set: Bunting - Team Defense

Difficulty Level: Hard

Number of Athletes and Coaches: Full team divided into two teams (no outfielders needed) and one coach

Average Time to Complete: 20 minutes

Equipment Required: Catchers gear, infield with gloves, throw-down bases at 60 feet (or actual bases)

Offense's Goal: Try to score runs using bunts

Defense's Goal: Communicate and get the offense out

Description of the Drill:

• Throw down bases set up at 60 feet apart in the outfield, or the infield of a 60 foot base field

• One team is on offense (only bunting), the other team is on defense (only in the infield)

• Coach or player pitches from 30 feet away at a medium speed

• Offense bunts the ball using sacrifice, drag, safety squeeze, and push bunts trying to get runners on base to score them

• Defense plays bunt defense and tries to get offense out, but cannot move until ball is bunted

• Defense and offense switch after all bunters have bunted once

• This drill can be done anywhere there is enough space (outfield, in a gym, in an open field)

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Add Difficulty:

• To add a degree of difficulty, infield can start further back, offense can be thrown varying pitches

• The bunter should always bunt the ball on the ground, not popping it up

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