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Outfield Communication Drill

Skill Set: Outfield

Difficulty Level: Easy

Number of Athletes and Coaches: All outfielders and 1 coach

Average Time to Complete: 10-15 minutes

Equipment Required: Gloves, bucket of baseballs, bat

Goal: Communicate with each other, call for the ball, and back each other up

Description of the Drill:

• 1 player in each outfield positions, other outfielders in lines behind them

• Coach at home plate hits pop flies, ground balls, and line drives between left and center field, and right and center field (alternate every other hit)

• The players that the ball is hit between must communicate with each other to call for the ball (“BALL BALL BALL!”)

• The player that calls for the ball should field it and throw it back in to the coach, while the other player should back them up, making sure the ball gets stopped quickly if it gets past the first outfielder

• Players rotate lines each time they go through the drill, so that each player can play each position

• Players should rotate through the lines so that they each get 10 repetitions

Add Difficulty:

• To add a degree of difficulty, incorporate the middle infielders and have the outfielders throw the ball in to a cut-off, and the cut-off throw to 2nd or 3rd base

New Call-to-action

Outfield Communication

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From GameChanger and USA Baseball.

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