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Pitcher's Bunt Defense Drill

Skill Set: Pitching

Difficulty Level: Medium

Number of Athletes and Coaches: All pitchers, 1-2 first basemen, 1-2 catchers, and one coach

Average Time to Complete: 10 minutes

Equipment Required: Each pitcher has a ball, bucket of balls for coach, gloves

Goal: Field bunts quickly and cleanly, make good throws to 1st base

Description of the Drill:

• All pitchers lined up behind the pitcher’s mound, each with a baseball, catcher down in catching position behind home plate, first baseman covering first

• One pitcher steps up to the mound, pitches the ball to the catcher

• Coach rolls out a bunt for the pitcher (make sure the pitcher yells “BUNT!”)

• Pitcher fields the bunt and throws the ball to first, focusing on making good throws

• First baseman tosses the ball back to the pitcher, pitcher gets in the back of the line, drill repeats

• Pitchers rotate through the line at least 5 times

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Pitcher's Bunt Defense

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From GameChanger and USA Baseball.

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