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The Execution Drill Can Sharpen a Batter's Ability to Drive in Runs

The home run is a game-changing play in baseball. However, not everyone is capable of crushing it out of the park, especially at the youth levels.

That’s okay, though, because there are a variety of ways to capitalize with runners in scoring positions.

Marianna (Fla.) Middle School baseball coach Clint Brock can attest to that with his team. The Bullpups are proof that it’s not just power that generates runs. Marianna lost just one game last season en route to capturing its conference tournament. 

One way Brock has helped his team thrive with runners on base is through what he calls the Execution Drill.

The Execution Drill

The Execution Drill is a fairly simple concept, and it's one that helps batters sharpen their awareness for advancing — and ultimately scoring — their base runners, Brock said.

The drill begins with a runner on first base. A hitter then steps to the plate.

“Basically you’re working a runner around the bases and trying to get them to score,” Brock said. “You do that with six swings.”

You get two chances to get the runner over to second base with a hit-and-run.

You get two chances to get the runner over from second to third by hitting behind the runner.

You get two chances to get the runner home by hitting a line drive to the infield or a fly ball to the outfield.

Add Your Team on GameChanger

“Those are the situations they’re going to see in a game,” Brock said. “When you get a runner on first, you’re thinking about how to get that runner around, because scoring is your priority. You’re not thinking about getting that big hit.

It makes you think more of the team than of the individual, which is what it’s all about. At the end of the game, it’s all about getting that W. It shows your sacrifice to your team.”


Conditioning is also key to being successful, Brock said, and it's something his teams work on constantly.

The Bullpups mix their conditioning into their practices by keeping everything at a fast tempo and the players always moving. This way, when the players get into the game, they are trained to always be hustling.

“We have a timer and are constantly moving,” Brock said. “If you want to get your reps in you need to do it quickly, or else you’ll be shorting yourself.”

From GameChanger and Rolando Rosa.

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