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The Perfect Throwing Position

Perry Hill of the Miami Marlins and Joe Espinosa of Amherst College have teamed up on a comprehensive infield website that meets the needs of baseball and softball infielders from ages 8 all the way up to the Major Leagues.

Perry Hill's 6F’s of Fielding:

#1 FEET: Start and maintain a balanced position. Your feet take you directly to the ball.

#2 FIELD: From a wide base, see the glove and the ball.

#3 FUNNEL: Bring the ball in from a wide area to the center of the chest. Break your thumbs down. The center of the chest is The Perfect Throwing Position.

#4 FOOTWORK: Replace back foot to front foot, front foot to target.

#5 FIRE: Will be easy to do if you have done 1- 4 correctly!

#6 FOLLOW: Take 2-3 steps toward your target to ensure accuracy and carry

The Perfect Throwing Position

Let's start with your role as an infielder. Here’s a multiple-choice question:

You field a ground ball. Your job is to:

1. Show off your arm

2. Look cool

3. Get an out

Now ask your pitcher, your teammates, your coaches, and fans the same question.

The fact is that if the pitcher gets you a ground ball that you can reach, he/she DESERVES an out!

Your role as an infielder is to get outs. Lots of them. And there's little room for error. A high level of consistency is expected of you and it's up to you to deliver it if you want to keep moving up the ladder and play at the next level.

Consider this:

Dee Gordon of the Marlins had a phenomenal 2015 season, winning both the NL batting title and the Gold Glove Award.

On the offensive side, he had 615 At Bats and a league leading 205 hits. He made out 410 times for a Batting Average of .333.

On the defensive side, Gordon had 733 chances and successfully handled 727 of these. He made a total of 6 errors. His Fielding Percentage? .992!

As infielders and infield coaches, we have to deliver outs on a consistent basis. Astoundingly, an overwhelmingly large percentage of infield errors occur on the Throwing, not Fielding side of the equation. So we need to develop a consistent throwing technique.

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The perfect throwing position, whatever your sport, is the center of your chest. The football quarterback takes the ball to the center of his chest. The boxer “throws” his punches from the center of his chest. And the consistent, accomplished infielder FUNNELS the ball to the center of his chest before he breaks his thumbs straight down. This technique is the quickest and most efficient and allows for the greatest amount of accuracy, because it ensures that the thrower has his front shoulder locked in on his/ her target!

The pitcher does the same thing! And the pitcher is arguably the best thrower on the team.

So my question then becomes,“Doesn't it make sense for the infielder to break their hands from the same place every single time?” Of course it does. (That was an easy one)

Here's a tougher one: “Why do we insist on teaching our infielders to PUSH or RAKE their gloves forward when catching the ball?”

“Doesn't that take the fielder away from the perfect throwing position instead of leading him/ her to it? Doesn't it promote an inconsistent breaking position?”

“Does Tom Brady take or receive the ball and push it out in front of him one time, sweep it outside his right shoulder the next time, outside his right hip the time after that? Or does he (and every other elite thrower in sport) bring the ball back to The Perfect Throwing Position before breaking his hands each and every time?”

Actually, not such a tough question at all.

See uncut video of Perry Hill demonstrating The Perfect Throwing Position: http://www.myinfieldcoach.com/bones-6-fs/

I want my infielders to break their hands from the same place every time. My infielders are taught and drilled to FIELD the ball out in front of them, FUNNEL the ball to the center of the chest, and break their thumbs straight down. Every single time. We funnel every ball we throw. Ground ball, double play turn, relay throw. Doesn't matter. If we're throwing it we are funneling it first.

Our goal as infielders is to “Do the ordinary extraordinarily well!”

This can only be accomplished through quality repetition of proper technique.

If you want to give your infielders a chance to succeed, learn all you can about the 6F’s and how to teach them.

Your infielders-and your pitching staff will thank you. And you will win games!

To learn more about a Major League Technique of Infield Play that you can teach to players from the beginning of Little League to the most advanced Major League level visit: http://www.myinfieldcoach.com/bones-6-fs/


I'm happy to answer and any all questions regarding The Perfect Throwing Position and The 6F's: jespinosa@amherst.edu

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