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Two Catchphrases Every Fielder Needs to Know


Nick Aboussie is a former college player, All-Star Performance Instructor, and member of the coaching staff of the St. Louis Gamers. Additional educational resources for players, coaches and parents are available at gamersacademy.net.

Outfielding drill series part 2

Pivot, plant, drive. Catch, plant, drive. Make these your outfielders' mantras, and they'll be throwing out runners left and right.

Ground Ball Reverse Pivot Drill

Anytime a ball comes to the outfield and there are runners on base, your outfielders enter a race against the clock. The purpose of this drill is to decrease the amount of time it takes for an outfielder to release a ground ball if they have drop stepped to the forehand side, while maximizing throwing potential. This is the easiest way for an outfielder remain in control of his/her body. The glove work here is crucial: make sure the glove is at a 45 degree angle, and that your fielders field the ball in front of the back foot. This will allow the momentum of the player to reverse pivot. The front foot replaces the back foot as the player pivots, and begins the downward arm swing, ending in our throwing power position. Pivot, plant, drive.

Fly Ball Reverse Pivot Drill

Ground Ball Backhand

Focus on having your fielders keep their glove fingers pointed down towards the ground, and pushing their palm towards the ball. As they receive the ball, the player will smoothly pull the ball towards the transfer area at their midsection. The outfielder wants to receive the ball in front of the glove side foot, just as an infielder would. Once they have received the ball, the outfielder must plant their back leg, to get rid of the baseball back into the infield: catch, plant, drive.

Fly Ball Backhand