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Warm up Your Hands Before You Take the Field

Hitters warm up before they step in the box to face a live pitcher, they do their tee work and their soft toss then their short screen work and their BP so they can be ready to hit.

Pitchers do the same thing. They get to the park early, do their running and jogging, their band work and who knows what else before they start throwing. They do all this then they warm up off the side mound then the game mound before they’re ready to pitch in the game.

But what about the infielders? Most of them don’t handle a ball until they get a live fungo during BP or handle a ball off the bat or a lot of them think they can just show up to play!

Why don’t they think they need to warm up their hands?

The best ones don’t take that approach. They handle a ball fifty, sixty times a day before they take the field. That’s part of the reason they’re so good!

Coaches: Teach your infielders to properly warm up before they play. It’s easy, doesn’t take a lot of time or space and will pay off by delivering consistent results.

Here are a couple of drills I’ve been doing with my infielders for years. Have seven Gold Glove winners to show for it!

Notice how the players field the ball out in front and funnel everything to the chest. Just like they do in the game!
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From Perry Hill, infield coach for the MLB Florida Marlins.

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