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Rapid Shooting Drill from Basketball Coach Weekly

The best passing drills involve all players, create game-like shots and force players to concentrate through chaos. The Rapid Shooting Drill does it all.

It's a simple-to-run drill but perfect for all levels of play. Requiring just four minutes, it doesn't eat away much of your practice time and delivers by sharpening passing, rebounding and shooting skills. Plus, there is a level of competition in it as your squad attempts to beat the previous made-shots record. Keep track and make it a goal to improve on that number every time you run this drill.

With three basketballs flying around the perimeter, players' focus must be sharp to secure the pass and take an in-rhythm shot.

Why use the Rapid Shooting Drill?

Players don't simply stand and shoot in a game situation. The best shots typically are created after a couple of passes to move the defense.

Set Up

Stand in the corner with a ball. Have a passing line to your left on the wing. To the left of that line, establish a shooting line on the opposite wing. Each position starts with a ball. Place four minutes on the clock.

How to Play

The player at the front of the shooting line takes a shot and follows it [See image 1 below]. The player at the front of the passing line passes to the next player in the shooting line and follows the pass. You pass to the next player in the passing line. The original shooter secures the rebound and passes to you in the corner [Image 2]. After passing to you, the original shooter relocates to the back of the passing line. The shooting line shoots and follows the shot. The passing line passes to the next person in the shooting line. You pass to the next person in the passing line and the cycle continues [Image 3].


Decide on how many made shots you want - 100 works for some while 80 is a good number for others.

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From GameChanger and Spencer Wright. 

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