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Ryan Powell: Playing the Zone Game, Extra Time, Wall Ball Lessons

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This week's guest is lacrosse legend, Ryan Powell. The second oldest brother in one the most accomplished families in lacrosse history. 

This is a great episode for younger players. As we discuss in the interview, Ryan was never the fastest or the strongest on the field, but he worked hard to find other ways to beat you. We talk about his idols growing up, and how he tried to develop all parts of his game to become a more rounded player. 

And finally, as most players are preparting for the season, we discuss the one wall ball trick he continues to rely on to stay sharp. 

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About the Guest

Ryan and his brothers, Casey and Mike, have long since solidified themselves as one of the the first families of US Lacrosse. Growing up in upstate New York, Ryan left his mark on the game at West Carthage High School, Syracuse University, the MLL, NLL, and Team USA.

Ryan continues to leave his mark off-the-field as the founder and CEO of Rhino Lacrosse, which has played a huge part in growing the game of lacrosse in Portland, Oregon. 

  • 4x All-American at Syracuse
  • 2000 NCAA Player of the Year
  • NCAA Attackeman of the Year
  • 2010 Team USA Captain and Gold Medalist
  • 6x MLL All-Star
  • 2x MLL MVP 

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About the Host

Joe Yevoli (@joeyevoliis an Entrepreneur and former Professional Lacrosse Player in the MLL.

Joe’s a graduate of the University of Virginia, and Syracuse University. He’s a two time All-American, 2002 ACC Rookie of the Year, and a member of the 2003 Virginia National Championship team.

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