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How a Family Atmosphere Paid off for Auburn Softball

Clint Myers knows a thing or two about having family around. After all, the Auburn softball coach works regularly with his sons, Tigers associate head coach Corey Myers and volunteer coach Casey Myers. But the family patriarch quickly learned of a different kind of family atmosphere when he had his first meeting with Tigers Athletic Director Jay Jacobs in 2013.

“Jay was talking about the Auburn family. I was talking about the Myers family,” Clint Myers said during a recent engagement with Corey Myers as part of the “This is Auburn” speaker series. “I quickly realized it’s the same belief system. The Myers just don’t have a creed.”

The two coaches joked, shared stories, and fielded questions from the standing-room crowd at the Auburn Alumni Center. But the discussion always seemed to come back to family. It’s a theme the Myers take seriously, knowing that parents are trusting them to not only coach their daughters in softball but to also watch over them as they move away from home for the first time.

And it’s a theme the Myers have successfully instilled in the Auburn program over the past three years.

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“There is no one person that is greater than the program,” Clint Myers said, while answering a question from the audience. “We stress family so much that you’re playing for each other and have each other’s backs.”

The coaches have witnessed the rewards of that culture. In three seasons on the plains, the Myers have led Auburn to back-to-back Southeastern Conference championships and two appearances at the Women’s College World Series.

This past season ended with a tight loss to Oklahoma in the WCWS. One had to look no further than the postgame press conference to see evidence of the family atmosphere.


“I watched Emily (Carosone) do the postgame interview, and that was the only reason that she walked in there, was to say, ‘I feel like I let my family down,’” Corey Myers said.

“The funny part is, the girls who sat there with her shook their heads like, ‘We didn’t score enough runs.’ I think that’s the culture that’s emanated from that family atmosphere.”

Corey Myers agreed with the latter assessment.

“We came up one run short,” he recalled telling the team after their 2-1 loss against Oklahoma in the deciding third game. “We didn’t lose. We didn’t lose anything. How can you not feel like winners? You have done something in two years that no one thought was possible.”

The team didn’t know until after the game that approximately 2,000 fans filled Jane B. Moore Stadium in Auburn and watched the game on the scoreboard in left field.

“It’s not about winning games,” Corey Myers said. “You’ve turned an entire community of people into softball fans.”

From GameChanger and Maren Angus. 

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