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Don't Leave Post-Game Evaluation To Chance

post-game-evaluationFrom GameChanger and Tom Glave, a freelance reporter for Red Line Editorial, Inc.

When Las Vegas Faith Lutheran High School lost in the first round of the Nevada Division I-A state softball tournament, the Crusaders didn’t have a lot of time to regroup. They had to win a pair of games the next day to make it back to the double-elimination tournament’s championship game.

Using the play-by-play recap and game stats recorded via GameChanger, coach John Chilman was able to break down what happened and email his players a quick evaluation.

“Usually (I review the stats) the next day and get that information to the team when we go to practice,” Chilman said. “Because we played (the next day), I can email the team and tell them, ‘Here’s my observations from when (the opponent) had their big inning.’

“It’s just great (for quick feedback).”

Chillman uses GameChanger in a variety of ways, but when it comes to post-game evaluation, he notes four areas in which the app is particularly helpful.


Chilman likes being able to see stats he finds most important right after a game.

“The biggest thing for me is I want to see quality at-bats,” he said. “That’s my No. 1 stat. I really like that. It’s a stat I don’t keep track off, so I really appreciate that.”

Chilman said tracking pitchers’ stats and the play-by-play of games are also useful tools. For example, the scorebook doesn’t always show what led to a big inning, he said, but the app’s review of plays “are an excellent source that I like to look at.”

The stats and recap also make it easier to report game scores to local media.


GameChanger not only broadcasts live play-by-play during games but it also posts final scores to Twitter and emails all of the team’s followers when the game ends. This helps keep parents and other followers up to date without taking extra time from Chilman.


Nevada’s governing body for high school athletics — and similar governing bodies around the country — requires teams to keep up-to-date stats on a website such as MaxPreps. The GameChanger app will automatically send updated stats to the website, again saving Chilman time.

“We have to put our stuff on MaxPreps,” Chilman said. “It’s nice that I don’t have to keep track of the stats because GameChanger does it for me.”


Chilman said his players also like keeping track of their individual stats via the GameChanger app, and they don’t need to constantly ask the coaches or scorekeepers for the info. This allows the players to study their stats — especially the more advanced metrics that coaches might not necessarily look at for each player — and figure out ways to improve on their own.

“The girls care about their averages and slugging percentage and things like that, but it’s the little things that we as coaches don’t usually keep track of that GameChanger does,” Chilman said.

Chilman notes that some coaches don’t like to make stats public for everyone to see, but his team has embraced the information.

“It’s a game of numbers,” he said. “It’s one of the fun things about the game.”