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Q&A: #AnythingButSoft Winner Coach Alma

#AnythingButSoft celebrated the role Softball plays in developing players’ confidence on and off the field. We partnered with several influencers to develop content covering topics such as leadership, tackling the mental game, college recruiting, and hard softball skills.  

The other part of our #AnythingButSoft campaign was to help one lucky team take their game to the next level, with the help of award-winning college and professional coach, Cindy Bristow of Softball Excellence 

The winning team: Winston Churchill Chargers, led by Head Coach Alma Goodwin in San Antonio, TX. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of their school's softball program.

We sat down with Coach Goodwin to talk about her approach to coaching softball.

How do you use GameChanger?

    1. Alma-article.pngWe’ve used GameChanger for several years to maintain our stats. We use GameChanger at each game for stats to review and get a better picture of what went on during the game.  A designated person (coach or manager) keeps score. Even if we’re not able to livestream, we still score each game and then upload for later. At the end of the season we have an all-district selection meeting, and are able to submit stats for our players so they’re eligible for awards. Running stats throughout the season make it easy for us to use for awards later on.

What’s the metric you look for first on the stat sheet?

    1. Offensively,I look at contact average and on-base percentage to see who’s contributing in the offensive lineup. Batting average is a good stat, but at the same time, not necessarily a good indicator [of performance].

One trait most common in the best players you’ve coached?

Work ethic. The very best players I’ve ever had will go hard whether we’re in the weight room, on the field, on the track, jump roping, or whatever workout we’re doing that day. Not just softball. I’ve had some talented players who work hard at only softball, but not elsewhere. The very best kids I’ve coached are all-around hard workers in the classroom, their friendships, and family life. They’re great kids and great athletes.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever receive from another coach?

The best piece of advice I received from another coach was probably too early in my career for me to really appreciate it. Treat them like your own kids. When I first started coaching at 22, I didn’t have kids yet. I really value that advice so much more now, and appreciate that the players are someone else’s kids. So, I need to consider how I talk to them, treat them, and interact with them. It’s changed my perspective. Now, what I say might change when I think about the fact that they’re not just my athlete, but someone else’s child who will really feel what I’ve said to them.

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