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5 Recent Sports Happenings That Deserve a Look

1. Track and Field Olympic Gold Medalist, Sanya Richards-Ross has medal worthy advice for athletes that can be put to use in both the competition of sport and in everyday life. "If you run your own race you will finish first." Check out what Sanya has to say about being more than a one-dimensional athlete and other tips that has helped her succeed on and off the track here.


2. Speaking of being more than a one-dimensional athlete, check out this story of how a collegiate volleyball player turned in her knee pads for cleats and achieved her dream of making the Women's USA National BASEBALL team. 

3. New York Yankees take a stand against bullying! Check out this awesome video where Yankees players support a young bullying victim; they show that standing up for what's right and having someone else's back is the real cool thing to do! 

 4. Did you know that the number one reason kids drop out of sports is because it's "not fun" anymore? The video below summarizes a study from the Milken Institute at George Washington University on how to keep kids in the game. Do you think you might be too serious as a youth sport coach or parent? Check out this article to see if your actions are affecting the 'fun' in sports.

5.  Lastly, we leave you with this shoutout from Little League, honoring all of the volunteer coaches out there that make a positive impact on our young athletes. Thank you for what you do!

 From GameChanger.

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