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5 Recent Sports Happenings That Deserve a Look

1. The NCAA eased the transfer rule, giving student-athletes the ability to transfer schools without having to ask their current school for permission. This new legislation is in an effort to bring transparency and open dialogue between athletes and coaches.


2.  Sunday was Father's Day and we hope all the awesome sport dads out there had a great day!

Check out these famous father and slugging son duos. Ironically, all of the sons play infield for the Toronto Blue Jay's Double-A affiliate in New Hampshire.

Vladimir Guerrero Sr. and son Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

VladSr_Jr@2x (1)

Guerrero Sr had a great career and just received the honor of being a Hall of Fame inductee for 2018. Now dad gets to watch his son work his way up to the highest level. Junior is now regarded as baseball's top prospect after having a slow start to the season.
While Vladimir Jr. takes a more disciplined approach once he steps into the batters box, he's a chip off the old block with his "distinctively pained gait that heralded his dad's arrival at the plate through 16 major league seasons". 
Craig Biggio and son Cavan Biggio

Cavan Biggio grew up hanging out in the batting cages at Minute Maid park with his brother and other famous Astro sons, helping shag balls and taking it all in as the son of one of the most beloved Astros of all time. Once Craig retired, Cavan and his brother got to call dad coach, as the head of the Biggio clan coached his sons' high school team and instilled mottos such as "play the game right" and "respect the game". 

Those values seemed to rub off as young Biggio said about his father, "I don't want to embarrass him or ruin the name...I want people to say, 'He plays just like his father'."

Dante Bichette and son Bo Bichette


Bo is Dante's second son, named after two other great names in baseball. First name for Bo Jackson and his middle name is after dad's longtime friend Joe Girardi. Talk about names to live up to!

Even though he's the namesake of other baseball greats, he takes after his dad, always studying the game. Just like dad, he has a strong work ethic and keeps "The Science of Hitting" handy, finding himself most comfortable in the batter's box.

3.  Brett Favre is leading the charge to end youth tackle football. While he had a noteworthy career and is now a member of the Hall of Fame for the sport he loves, he feels strongly about the risks of starting too young. 

Favre is giving his full support to a proposed bill that would make it illegal for kids under 12 to play tackle football. 

Brett Favre

 4.  Two MLB players recently showcased talents they have off the field. 

Steven Brault of the Pittsburgh Pirates sang the National Anthem before a home game. 

White Sox pitcher Miguel Gonzalez also showcased his vocal abilities, jumping in during a sound check for the mariachi band that was to perform at the game that day. 

5. Katelyn Tuohy, a high school long distance runner, recently broke a 36-year-old national record in the mile. The sophomore now holds the fastest mile ever recorded by an American high school girl with a time of 4:33.87. 

This isn't the only record that Katelyn holds, she also holds the top spot for the fastest indoor 5,000-meter race by any female American under 20.  

 From GameChanger.

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