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5 Recent Sports Happenings That Deserve a Look

1. Did you know that 29 out of the 32 NFL first round draft picks were multi-sport high school athletes

Multi-sport athletesWith this in mind, why do you think there is such a big focus on sports specialization?

Do you think sports diversification helped these athletes succeed or do you think it's merely a coincidence? Let us know in the comment section below.


2. Seattle Mariners James Paxton throws a no-hitter against his hometown team, the Toronto Blue Jays. 

no hitter

Games like these are no doubt exciting to watch! Check out some of the highlights and great defense that helped close out this no-no on MLB News.

3. Do you think it's just youth teams that can have a batting lineup mixup? 

 Think again! The Mets batted out of order this week and ended up costing them a scoring opportunity in the close 2-1 loss against the Reds. 

One of our users had a great idea...

 4. The Las Vegas Golden Knights are just the third team since 1960 to reach the semi-final round in their inaugural season...not just in the NHL, this accomplishment also includes NFL, NBA and MLB.  Additionally, the newest professional hockey franchise has also set or tied six records


5. Kris Bryant just became the fastest Cub to reach 100 home runs, and he did so on the 3rd anniversary of his very 1st

 Check out this cool video that shows all 100 homers of his career.


From GameChanger.

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